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Ben, Cath & Noodle

This website was created and is maintained by Cath Gillespie and Ben White.

Our aim is to promote live music and other events in and around Stanthorpe.

This is entirely voluntary and the site is funded by us - it‘s open to any person or organisation who would like to see their event listed here - at no charge!

In such a short time, we‘ve come to love Stanthorpe and its people, and very much want to contribute to the arts and music culture of the town.

Ben is “The Scotsman” on Ten FM – your local community FM radio station - and already plays lots of local music on his shows. This is just another way of supporting our local artists.

The site also provides opportunities for poets, songwriters, musicians, and other artists to connect and collaborate.

So, whether you‘re a musician, a poet, a songwriter, an artist, or just someone who enjoys good live music and the arts, Stanthorpe Live Music has been created for YOU.

If this is what you want your local community to look like come along and support live music events in the community.

By attending live gigs you can show Southern Downs Regional Council, the local business community and other interested parties that live music is something the Granite Belt community values.